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Where were you on the Morning of Sept 11, 2001 When America was Attacked?
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Could Sept 11, 2001 be stopped?
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Number of Firefighters Killed on September 11, 2001 343 were Killed, IN THE LINE OF DUTY (Includes 2 Medics)
Number of Civillians that were killed on September 11, 2001---
                    3,019 Killed
Number of Police Officers Killed on September 11, 2001---24 were Killed, IN THE LINE OF DUTY
Flight 93---Which had been over taken by Terrorist, for the purpose of additional attacks on the U.S. were stopped by the brave passengers and flight attendants.  Flight 93 crashed in a Field in Pennsylvania, thus ending another Attack on America.
Be it No Greater Gift than a Man or Woman who Sacrafices His or Her Life So others may Live
On flight 93, The men & women  called their families and told them of their Love.  They then bravely charged the terrorist bringing an end to the terror in the sky
Number of Port Authority Officers killed on September 11, 2001----37 Officers Killed

1 K-9 (Dog) was Killed, IN THE LINE OF DUTY
Be it No Greater Gift than a Man who Sacrafices His Life So others May Live
     Serenity Prayer
      Grant me the
      To accept the things I           cannot  change,
       To change things I can,      and Wisdom
       To know the difference.
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Number of EMT's and Paramedic's killed on September 11, 2001  43 were Killed, IN THE LINE OF DUTY
BADGE 1012
Port Authority K-9 Sirrus Lost his life on 09-11-01
Port Authority K-9 Sirrus is recovered from WTC Debris
America Under Attack

On Tuesday September 11, 2001 America as we know it was attacked by terrorists who hijacked American and United Jetliners.  Nineteen animals robots, armed with makeshift knives, attacked both passengers and crew members that resulted in the take over of four jetliners. 

After these demons murdered passengers and flight crews, additional and unspeakable events took place, with these sick and demented terrorists at the controls aimed the first jetliner at the World Trade Center in New York City, striking the first WTC Tower. (Tower one)  As the paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and city officials descended upon the scene, the responding firefighters, paramedics, and police officers began to ascend the tower regardless of peril to assist the trapped and injured.

Suddenly a second jetliner appeared flying at a very low and calculated altitude as it approached New York City aimed at the World Trade Center.  Seconds later the unspeakable occurred again with another group of demonic terrorist at the controls of the jetliner, speeding at 500 miles an hour.  Rescuers and America watched in helpless horror as the jetliner made a wide and deliberate turn as it slammed into the second tower at the World Trade Center. 

The Firefighters, Police officers and Paramedics on scene were stunned and the fear of more planes reported to be on the way.  Additional crews were continuing to arrive, a second command post was set up at the second tower and an additional rescue effort was simultaneously taking place. 

America was still under attack. A third jetliner, was reported hijacked after departing from Dulles Airport, On board again innocent passengers, several school children, and crewmembers despite this, the third set of demonic terrorists once again overpowered and took control of the jetliner.  The military scrambled National Guard and Air force F-18's as they were racing to intercept the third jetliner, however it entered Washington’s airspace and minutes later the jetliner with the demonic terrorists at the controls slammed the jetliner turned missile into the Pentagon. The United States of America had been subjected to three unspeakable and horrific attacks.

President Bush was in Florida reading and talking to school children, when White House Chief Andrew Carr notified our President of the attacks.  President Bush was rushing to Air Force One to return to Washington.  Air traffic controllers as well as NORAD were tracking a fourth airliner that too had been hijacked, its destination was unknown.   Concerns that the fourth jetliner was possibly headed for a target in Washington possibly Congress, Camp David, the White House or even Air force One no one knew, evacuations were taking place at the Capitol and White House, Air force One was rerouted. 

The fourth plane was being tracked as it was over the state of Pennsylvania.  The passengers on board were being held hostage as the fourth group of terrorists were at the controls.  Passengers using cell phones were calling their families as they spoke they learned of the attacks that had taken place in Washington and New York City.  One passenger was able to contact his father and then his wife, he informed them that he and four others were going to stop these animals and attempt to regain control of the jetliner. The fourth jetliner has come to be known as the Hero's of United Flight 93.

An open cell phone played back a struggle as the five brave men and other passengers were overheard with the ominous words "LETS ROLL."  As a wife of one of the passengers listened to the struggle taking place, Air Traffic Controllers watched as suddenly United Flight 93 disappeared from air traffic controllers and NORADS radar's.  The plane had nose dived and had crashed into an open field in a rural community in Pennsylvania.  The five brave men and Heroes of Flight 93 had ended the terror from the skies. The FAA ordered all air traffic controllers to ground of ALL air traffic. 

Rescue crews were feverishly fighting the fires and assisting in evacuations and treatment of the injured in New York and Washington as well as searching for an survivors in Pennsylvania.  In New York City, firefighters, paramedics, and police officers worked feverishly to reach the trapped civilians at the World Trade Center.  Suddenly tower two at 110 stories without warning imploded trapping and killing thousands of civilians, including the very firefighters, paramedics and police officers who were inside doing there jobs. 

Unaware of the events of Tower Two, rescuers in tower one of the World Trade Center also at 110 stories began to implode, again trapping and killing thousands of civilians, firefighters, paramedics and police officers.  In Washington rescuers were also working feverishly at the Pentagon, as they fought intense flames, and treating critically injured military personnel and civilians. The President of the United States of America was diverted from returning to Washington by the Secret Service for various security reasons.

President Bush had ordered the closure of all Airports and the immediate grounding all airplanes which was taking place.  Working from a secured location, President Bush ordered that the military placed on its highest alert.  U.S. fighter jets were patrolling the skies over New York, Washington, as well as many other cities and states. On that fateful Tuesday, September 11, 2001, America, the greatest country in the world began mourning for the thousands of innocent men, women and children who perished at the hands of cowards posing as terrorist.  American’s were both shocked and angry. 

Search and Rescue personnel, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, iron workers and construction crews descended upon both New York and Washington, mounting one of the greatest rescue/ recovery operations in U.S. history.  Around the world our friends and allies were offering assistance that may have been needed.  Despite the security concerns President Bush ordered that he was to be returned to Washington.

Then again at great risk the President flew to New York after the National Memorial Service, he rallied all those who were working day and night searching for any survivors and reverently retrieving the dead. At Ground Zero construction workers, firefighters, paramedics, and police officers worked around the clock sifting through debris which was were the twin towers had once stood.

On March 30, 2002, Americans witnessed the end of the cleanup and recovery efforts that had been taking place since the day that America was attacked.  The ceremony was bitter sweet, six months following the attacks in New York, recovery crews having worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, painstakingly sifted through millions of tons of debris in the hope of recovering a family member, a friend or a co-worker who perished never to be recovered. 

In the closing ceremonies a FDNY ambulance stood by as an honor guard representing one person from each group involved in the recovery efforts that had worked so hard to try to bring home the mothers, daughters, fathers and sons who had been lost by so many  families so that they could lay their love ones to rest.  The honor guard slowly made their way up a makeshift ramp, with a stretcher covered with the American flag symbolizing all those, who were never to be found.  They slowly made their way to the waiting ambulance, the recovery teams stood at attention saluting as the honor guard passed. 

As they finally reached the ambulance, the stretcher was carefully placed into the back of the unit; the doors of the ambulance were slowly and gently closed.  The ambulance waited with its precious cargo their overheads flashing, following behind was a semi truck loaded with the last remaining beam that had once been a part of the World Trade Center Towers draped in a back cloth. Both the Ambulance and the Semi slowly began making their way up the makeshift ramp.  They slowly made their way silently through city streets thus ending the recovery efforts. In Washington the Pentagon nearing completion of the rebuilding process was also the site of a memorial service honoring the victims of the events of September 11, 2001.  This scene was also sadly being conducted in Pennsylvania remembering the passengers and crew of Flight 93 and the brave men that ended the rein of terror that awful day, when the United States of America was attacked. The days, weeks and months and now the two years that have followed, the world has seen America rise above the rubble, and stand more UNITED than ever.

Total Number of Emergency Medical Service Injuries at the World Trade Center:116 Total

FDNY-EMS injured: 65

Total Volunteers EMS and Private EMS Providers injured: 51

Number of Emergency Medical Service Providers who Died 42

Total for FDNY-EMS: 2

Total Volunteer & Other Providers: 30

Total Private Ambulance Providers:2

Total Lost post: 9-11-(11) Updated 08-08-16
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
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